Data room provider which ensures the security of your data

Data room provider which ensures the security of your data

Virtual Data Rooms are a multitasking business tool that allows companies to remain flexible and highly productive in all circumstances. To communicate with your international partners, manage your documents efficiently, and provide your colleagues and partners with easy access to the information they need. VDR can provide businesses with these benefits because of its high-quality security. However, not all VDR providers are willing to provide the necessary security measures. This article will look at what data room can be considered truly secure.

The VDR providers with the best security scores

The VDR market is undoubtedly crowded with different offerings, but some of the products have long been consistent leaders in terms of security quality. Below, we will highlight the top 5 providers that can provide their customers with reliable security measures:

  • iDeals
  • DataSite Merill
  • Citrix Sharefile
  • DealRoom
  • Firmex

But what makes these solutions secure? We’ll find that out below.

Physical security features

Have you ever wondered where all your data is stored? Data centers are physical stores of virtual data rooms that securely deploy all the mechanisms and securely store and share data on the Internet. Of course, your ISP must take care of your protection at the physical level as well, so physical security features should include the following:

  • Physical security -Data centers must be continuously and reliably guarded at all times and monitored by dedicated guards
  • Qualitative infrastructure components -reliable hardware guarantees uninterrupted and trouble-free operation of the data center almost 100% of the time
  • Redundant backup – continuous backup of your data allows you to keep the integrity of your data under all circumstances. No system failures are scary
  • Multilayer encryption -Modern data encryption methods keep your data private, both in storage and during the exchange

Secure access features

Sensitive information is exchanged daily within the virtual data room, and the primary key to success in avoiding data leakage during these processes is the detailed permission features in the data room software:

  • Selective permissions – The VDR administrator can set other users‘ access to documents based on their roles and responsibilities. These settings allow you to hide the visibility of a particular document partially
  • User access rights – the administrator can set the visibility and actions of each user. So, you can forbid or permit copying, editing, uploading, forwarding, and printing the document
  • Double-step verification – stricter login rules to avoid hacking
  • Automatic reporting -the system tracks every change made by users and provides that information to administrators
  • Time and IP address restriction – these features help prevent various breaches

Document security features

Every reliable data room provider tries to make their product’s security system as multi-layered as possible, so they also offer measures to protect the documents uploaded to the system, namely:

  • Dynamic watermark will allow you to retain your copyright on any paper. Also, it will enable you to identify the source of the leaked data and captures all the information about what actions were performed inside the document by each user
  • Fence view – protects your documents from unauthorized access through your device’s camera
  • Remote destruction -if the device through which you logged in was lost, the VDR administrator can remotely erase all critical data from it that would be dangerous to give to the wrong hands
  • Secure Excel spreadsheet browsing -Excel documents typically contain important confidential reports, so VDRs have ensured they are secure. View your Excel spreadsheets completely securely and set different levels of access to them

Among other things, your VDRs should have security certificates that prove they can handle sensitive documents.

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