Irlne syndrome or scopic sensitivity is increasingly common


Irlne syndrome or scopic sensitivity is increasingly common

Irlen Syndrome is a so-called scotopic sensitivity that is manifested in hypersensitivity and other visual perception of the surrounding reality.
This syndrome completely changes people’s lives, because we perceive the world by 70% through sight, and certain defects of vision can completely or partially change the quality of life of people. This syndrome is diagnosed in 20% of the world population. It is called so in honor of the discoverer of this syndrome.


The owners of this defect of view completely differently perceive the world. Owners of severe form suffer from the fact that they cannot see people, but perceive them fragmentarily, can understand who approached them only when the person is very close. Holders of the mean form of the syndrome have problems reading the printed text and problems with processing visual information, because it either blurs or merges, which makes reading difficult.

Those who have mild form of Irlene Syndrome have problems with coordination, distance calculation and reading.
Doctors say that this syndrome is most often seen in people who have primary illnesses or syndromes.

The syndrome can be detected in a variety of ways, the most common of which is a visual inspection. In most cases, corrections can be made by correcting the correct vision by selecting the right type of lens and eyeglasses.


If you diagnose and correct and intervene in a timely manner, you can avoid the effects of the disease. But unfortunately, the population is not well aware and most people are not even aware of the existence of this syndrome. When someone reports that he or she owns it, most people turn away because they fantasize instead of asking or referring to sources of information to clarify the meaning and signs of the syndrome. In order to disseminate true information to people, a data room held a public information campaign.


The Virtual Data Room Providers have done a tremendous promotion to help spread the information about this syndrome. and let people know in detail how you can help the owners of this syndrome.

The data room of due diligence, the m&a data room, the data room app, have come together for a noble cause and to disseminate knowledge to the public. And they succeeded in this task. The action was organized throughout the year. The best data rooms have made every effort to disseminate information to a large population.

Data room services were distributing information across the Internet, and created video files that helped to promote the action.

So, as we can see, this syndrome is quite common, but few people are aware, but with the help of a virtual data room, more people have learned about the signs, causes, and ways to correct the syndrome.

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